When you assess candidates for a living – as I have for over 10 years – you learn a lot about image. This isn’t just about clothes – it’s what we communicate through our choice of wardrobe, but it’s also gestures, how we behave when we’re being assessed, what we say and do not say. The experience has trained me not only in what to look for in a competent candidate; it’s also shown me how to put that message out there for others. Over my years in corporate organizations, I’ve done it for myself and I’ve helped others to hone their image, empowering them to ascend in their careers with confidence and poise.

A decade ago, early on in my human resources career, I interviewed an excellent candidate. On paper, she was more than capable, but in person, the way she dressed and behaved didn’t reflect her true potential. Her wardrobe choices, her unsure posture, mannerisms and nervous laughter worked against her. This young professional was the first, but there have been scores since, men and women, who have convinced me: how powerful image is, how loudly it can communicate or drown out a valuable message, not just in a corporate setting, but in all aspects of life.

This is about far more than rummaging through closets. Research suggests that upwards of 90 percent of communication is non-verbal – the wardrobe choices, the unconscious, nervous gestures, one’s posture and communication style. It’s so crucial to ensure the message you send is the right one. Whether it’s in a corporate setting or a personal one, I help my clients achieve an image that expresses their personal best.