Your most important branding tool is YOU. Learn how to optimize your overall image to help influence people’s perception of you. An image consultant guides you in presenting yourself to your best advantage. I work with clients to help refine their image in three key areas:

Physical appearance: this includes wardrobe, hair, make-up, colour & body type analysis, personal grooming & esthetics.

Behaviour: this includes but is not limited to coaching on interpersonal skills, body language and lifestyle management.

Communication: this encompasses guidance on corporate as well as personal etiquette, how to manage your communications in various circumstances, from interview preparation to conflict resolution techniques. I work personally with all of my clients to understand both their personal and professional goals, their lifestyle, and individual needs. Please contact me about your personal image assessment.

Wardrobe Consultation

Your wardrobe should optimize visual communication in order to create a positive and lasting impression. My wardrobe consultation will help you to:

Personal Shopping

Shopping for clothes is an investment of time and money. By accompanying clients on buying trips, I am able to source individual-specific wardrobe pieces and accessories. Whether you require styling for a special event or you’d like to completely overhaul your wardrobe, whether it’s done one-on-one, in a group, or on my own according to my client’s direction, my personal shopping service brings efficiency and insight to the experience.

Seminars and Workshops

Whether the goal is to enhance your team’s professional image, redefine your company’s dress code, or to help your employees embody your organization’s brand message, seminars are tailored to each organization’s specific needs, with the common objective of helping individuals and teams achieve their personal best in all aspects of appearance, behaviour and communication. Seminar and workshop topics include: